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Hello friends!

Thanks for stopping by. In case you’re wondering why there’s nothing in the little bowl I’m holding, (and here we are going to be talking about food, among other things), it’s because I want to show you the bowl that inspired the blog. This little bowl is my muse.

I’m a big believer in the power of the muse, because I’ve experienced it several times throughout my life. Maybe you’ve experienced it too. If you have, then you know that muse isn’t something you find; it finds you!

Your muse is what triggers your creativity. It might be a recipe, or a piece of music, a colour, a golf club, a loaf of bread, a destination, a spreadsheet, an animal, a person (living or dead) — pretty much anything can be a muse.

And it doesn’t have to trigger your desire to do something typically creative (sing, dance, draw, write). It can simply trigger the desire to live more creatively and discover your best self.

Living authentically – unapologetically responding to what makes you feel whole and vital – is the only way to ensure your muse will find you.

So, go for it. Be you! Open your heart to your muse. Let if find you. And when it does, listen to it. Let it take you to wherever you’re meant to go. Let it fill you with energy and give you purpose.

I thought this uplifting, entertaining Ted Talk explained muse rather well.

6 thoughts on “Let Your Muse Find You

I can’t tell anyone when I have a muse… If I say it out loud, it loses it’s power. But I can share enthusiasm for muses! I like this post, too! Thanks, Heather!

Elizabeth La Forest says:

My muse has been sleeping late these days. While I read your blog this morning, she opened one eye and smiled blissfully.

Can’t wait ’til our next “This Little Bowl” visit!

Heather MacDonald says:

Thanks, Elizabeth! I’ve got lots to tell you about developments at TLB and upcoming projects. Look forward to seeing you. :)

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