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Carmelized Plum Compote — Anyone?

Stewed prunes. Yes, they are an excellent remedy for constipation, which is why they often illicit giggles or wrinkled noses. But stewed prunes – wait – let’s call them something else… How about Carmelized Plum Compote? Gosh, that does sound better! Carmelized Plum Compote is so good for us. Take a look here for the details, and then […]

A porridge by any other name would taste as sweet

I grew up on porridge. We ate it the traditional Scottish way: with water and salt. That was it. I remember my mum and dad telling us that everyone they knew had a porridge drawer in their home. Apparently, this was simply a wooden drawer into which hot porridge was poured and left to become gelatinous. Then, […]