Carmelized Plum Compote — Anyone?


Stewed prunes.

Yes, they are an excellent remedy for constipation, which is why they often illicit giggles or wrinkled noses.

But stewed prunes – wait – let’s call them something else… How about Carmelized Plum Compote?

Gosh, that does sound better!

Carmelized Plum Compote is so good for us. Take a look here for the details, and then tell me you don’t want to eat it. If you’re looking for ways to boost your health, you found an easy one.

I love to have a bowl of Carmelized Plum Compote in the fridge, so I can add some to my plain high protein yogurt or dollop some on my porridge. Delicious!

And look how pretty it is! You could serve it as a dessert!

prune yogurt side 2

prune yogurt - top

Best of all – no added sugar. Nada! You don’t need it. Really!

There’s enough sugar in dried plums to give your Carmelized Plum Compote all the sweetness it needs.

And they’re so easy to make that even if you’re a little skeptical you can risk the time needed to find out.

The recipe?

One bag of dried plums (prunes)

Enough water to barely cover.

Heat medium-low until the plums are plump and the water is a rich, molasses brown. (About 20 minutes.)

Remove from the heat, allow to cool, cover and refrigerate.

Enjoy any way you like.

If there are pits in the prunes you use, be careful! They slip right out when they’re cooked, but you’ve still got to be aware, so that you don’t bite down hard and break a tooth.

Let me know how you get on with this one. It’s a great recipe to help you break your sugar addiction. It sure helped me!

Thanks for stopping by! : )

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