Books have an Acknowledgements page, so why not a blog? After all, as Sir Issac Newton said, “…we stand on the shoulders of giants.”

Firstly, I’d like to thank all the good people who make WordPress available. Hard to believe the vast majority of them are volunteers. Without them the blogging world would be a much smaller one.

Also, I think the folks at Better Software Company deserve credit for helping me to get This Little Bowl up and running. Thanks Patrick, Sonal and Rob for making the experience so fun and rewarding!

To all the cook book authors, dead and alive, from whom I’ve learned so much: Thank you! A million times over! I realized shortly after leaving home and concocting a dill-gravy beef stew that I needed help – and fast!

The TV cooking show hosts from the ’80’s – thanks! Back then, on a Saturday morning, Neil and I loved nothing more than to watch you make something fabulous. In the afternoon, we’d pop out for ingredients, and then spend a happy evening trying to recreate your masterpieces in our tiny, ill-equipped kitchen.

And where would we have been without you when the kids came along? All those clever cooks helped us to wile away the hours, creating the foods that became our traditions. Many thanks for that!

Food bloggers. Wow! You’re such a generous, pleasant bunch. It’s always a joy to spend time with you. Thanks for sharing!

Can’t forget all my friends who’ve shared with me throughout the years all their recipes and hospitality. We’ve had such good times together. Thank you.

Last, but not least, family, of course!

Mum, you were never a keen cook, so I can’t thank you for teaching me everything. But you definitely deserve a big thank you for letting me experiment in your kitchen. I think you’d agree that the only memorable thing I ever created in there was a mess. 😀

Gotta thank my sweet sister, Celia, for proofreading my posts. I need your eagle-eyes!

And, of course, many thanks to my own lovely clan: Neil and our sweet daughters, Quinn, Oak, and Cove, and our equally sweet son, Lake.

Your love and support throughout the years, and your enthusiasm for this project and for everything else I do, is so appreciated. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. xo

Now, let’s get cooking! : )