Heather’s Hunan Dumplings

If you’ve never had Hunan Dumplings you have no idea what you’re missing. Neil and I first tasted these porky packages of deliciousness when our eldest daughter, Quinn, was a baby. We used to pop her into her stroller, take a long walk and then, just as she was nodding off, make a beeline for a nearby Chinese […]

I’ve got a new toy!

I love beets but I’m not crazy about prepping them, because they’re so darn messy. Not anymore! With the Inspiralizer I can add groovy swirls of the bright red beets to my salads with a minimum of fuss. For this salad I didn’t even peel the beet. I just gave it a quick wash, cut the […]

Carmelized Plum Compote — Anyone?

Stewed prunes. Yes, they are an excellent remedy for constipation, which is why they often illicit giggles or wrinkled noses. But stewed prunes – wait – let’s call them something else… How about Carmelized Plum Compote? Gosh, that does sound better! Carmelized Plum Compote is so good for us. Take a look here for the details, and then […]

A porridge by any other name would taste as sweet

I grew up on porridge. We ate it the traditional Scottish way: with water and salt. That was it. I remember my mum and dad telling us that everyone they knew had a porridge drawer in their home. Apparently, this was simply a wooden drawer into which hot porridge was poured and left to become gelatinous. Then, […]

Time to toss the black clothes!

I think it’s safe to say a lot of people think that all women ought to own at least one black dress. But while some women look amazing in black others just look drab. I’m in the drab camp. Realizing this, I recently decided to get rid of my black clothes. Well, I got rid […]

Let Your Muse Find You

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. In case you’re wondering why there’s nothing in the little bowl I’m holding, (and here we are going to be talking about food, among other things), it’s because I want to show you the bowl that inspired the blog. This little bowl is my muse. I’m a big believer […]